Hearts (Single)

by Choongum & Shisa

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"I love remix. Shisa and Choongum are both up-and-coming young bedroom-internet producers, and they have teamed up to produce a great original track, “Hearts”, and eight wonderfully diverse and creative remixes to support the release.

“Hearts” is a bass driven excursion into electronic ambience, with breathy vocal samples that float over a post-everything step-beat. The remixes are all major expansions of the original, merely using it as a jumping off point for a total re-envisioning of the track. The results might better be considered as eight original works than as eight versions of the same song.

Kelle’s remix is ambient dubstep, the GH remix is a techno-house take, LESPHINXX adds female vocals and a super heavy witchy thunder, and SumguH brings the noise. The Purity Control Spirit Guide remix takes its’ time, but when the beat finally drops (at 2:40) it’s an ambient future-house slammer that speaks for itself.

Supermarket Love’s epic re-work, with its’ rock guitar a human drum-sound, is a trip to chillwave heaven. Last and best of all: Shisa ‘s Somewhere in Philly re-Edit of Supermarket Love’s remix. Sometimes the successive re-interpretation of a track pays off, and here Shisa strikes gold by slightly tweaking the SL remix with a few careful edits and by accentuating the shoegaze-y element in the song. These last two tracks are among the very best this year, imo.

Putting an interesting photo of a sexy girl on your record is always a winning move too. AMDISCS is releasing “Hearts” on 8/22. You can ‘name your price’ (no minimum) and download it below." - Another Country Heard (hanus.tv)


released August 20, 2012

Model: Lux Xzymhr
Photography: Sarah Sitkin

©2012 AMDISCS & Shisa & Choongum. All Rights Reserved. (AMDD109)



all rights reserved



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